T.O.C.E Scholarship


"Todos Organizados para Cuidar Estudiantes" Scholarship

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*Must be a current MSU student in good academic standing to apply.

T.O.C.E Scholarship

For a decade and more, the University has seen the signs of increased competition among universities for the best high school students and of the difficulty of ensuring that they finish their studies. The L.U.P.E. Scholarship Fund has helped to create a positive attitude toward college study among Chicano/Latino students. The greater credibility of programs in minority education now enjoy in the University community, and especially in the Chicano/Latino student body, has been achieved in part through the success of the TOCE/L.U.P.E. Scholarship and the positive role that students have had on campus and in their communities. The TOCE/L.U.P.E. Scholarship program can also serve as a model for others schools and colleges to follow in minority recruitment and retention programs. Clearly, the Chicano/Latino youth who become the TOCE Scholars are the community of the future.


In keeping with the tradition of charitable support for the University, the TOCE/L.U.P.E. Scholarship program has been designed to support an important part of land-grant mission of the University: to educate its students well, reward them for their success, and prepare them for successful careers of service. Gifts will encourage other prospective donor organization and individual private donors to lend their support to MSU’s efforts in minority education; build momentum in our campaign to endow the TOCE/L.U.P.E. Scholarship; and draw significant attention to this Chicano/Latino education program.

History of the Scholarship Fund

In the Spring of 1994, students involved with Movimiento Estudiantil Xicano de Aztlan (MEXA) Fought for the Support of the LUPE Scholarship Award, which was established with the assistance of an academic advisor, Eduardo Torres. After Months of direct confrontations and negotiation with the University by Xicano students, this scholarship along with a heightened awareness of Xicano issues and the Cesar Chavez memorial library were created. The students in 1994 felt the most important qualifying criteria if this scholarship was and is community involvement and service. Students involved with MEXA today feel the same is essential to the development of both groups. This in turn builds a direct line of communication between campus and community.

MEXA believes strongly in community, this is why we fought and will continue to fight for this scholarship.

-MEXA 1998

The TOCE is a positive evolution of the LUPE and will continue what MEXA and Torres established.


If you have any questions, please call or e-mail:

Juan Flores


(517) 353-7745


The L.U.P.E. Scholarship began in 1992 a result of activities undertaken by MEXA, Movimiento Estudiantil Xicano de Aztlan. In 1994, the Office of the Provost began providing support for the L.U.P.E. Scholarship, which has evolved into the TOCE Scholarship. The most important qualifying criterion for the TOCE/L.U.P.E. Scholarship is community involvement and service.

Such involvement builds strong lines of communication between the campus and communities and is essential to the development of effective, lasting relationships. Such efforts have always been at the heart of MSU’s mission.


Each year TOCE awards thirteen Undergraduate scholarships of $750, $375 for Fall semesters and $375 for Spring semester and two Graduate scholarships of $1000, $500 for Fall semester and $500 for Spring semester. The Office of Racial and Ethnic Student Affairs (ORESA) as the administrative unit for the TOCE TOCE/L.U.P.E. Scholarship program, nomination procedures, and deadlines and selects a committee of Chicano/Latina/o faculty and staff members that review the applications and select the awareness.

This fund helps MSU recruit more Chicano/Latino students to the University. By making a large pool of Chicano/Latino students more knowledgeable about careers and encouraging involvement in community service, the program will help MSU draw many more Chicano/Latino to studies across the University. With your help the TOCE Scholarships will help MSU offer more financial incentives to Chicano/Latino students to attend MSU and enable them to successfully complete their education.

Selection Process and Criteria

The TOCE Scholars are selected on the basis of demonstrated leadership; commitment to and involvement with the MSU Chicano/Latino community; financial need; academic achievement of a 2.5 or better; one full year of full-time study at MSU; and current full-time status. Furthermore, preference is given to applicants with a Chicano/Latino heritage when selecting the recipients of the scholarship.

TOCE applicants provide a two-page typed personal statement in which they discuss their student leadership and extra-curricular curricular activities and their involvement with the MSU Chicano/Latino community; their financial need for the scholarship; and their career goals. A key question on the application is: if they become recipients of the TOCE Scholarship, how will they contribute to the MSU Chicano/Latino community in the future?