Resources at Michigan State University

Below is a list of resources that are essential to your academic, personal, and social success at Michigan State University. There are numerous resources on and off campus with people that truly care about helping you be the best that you can be during you undergraduate experience. At MSU, students are priority. We encourage you to utilize these resources as needed. There is no reason to struggle as a student when all of the tools for success are within reach. Make the best of your undergraduate experience, take advantage of all these resources!

Spartan Strong

Academic & Supportive Resources

Office of Cultural and Academic Transitions OCAT constructs supportive social and educational communities that actively involve students in learning. OCAT offers several student success initiatives throughout the year. Some of their initiatives include: The Cultural Aide Program, MAGIC Transitional Summer program for newly admitted students, FOCUS Conference, Día de la Mujer Conference, and supports the CORES groups.

Office of Supportive Services OSS offers academic advising, freshman seminars, and tutoring services to CAAP admitted students. If you were admitted to CAAP we encourage you to utilize the many services that OSS offers.

Undergraduate Advising for every major at MSU. Be sure to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in your major or major you are interested in selecting at least once a semester. Academic Advisors have a wealth of knowledge and specialize in you field of study.

Undergraduate University Division UUD for freshman and sophomore academic advising. If you are undecided and have not selected a major and have general questions about particular majors, schedule an appointment with a UUD advisor.

Chicano Latino Studies CLS is an excellent specialization that you can add to your field of study. Sometimes you don't have to take extra classes to add a specialization and it will go a long way with your credentials. for more info be sure to stop by the CLS office to check it out. You can also learn more about other specializations that will enhance you undergraduate credentials at the following site:

Multicultural Center MCC opened its doors after many years of collective advocacy by the Coalition of Racial Ethnic Students (CORES). CORES successfully convinced the MSU administration that a Multicultural Center was necessary and critical to the implementation of one of MSU's guiding principles: "Advance Diversity Within Community." The Center hosts a variety of different programs throughout the school year, from academically-oriented presentations to student group meetings to informal social receptions to which everyone is welcomed to attend. The CORES offices (Asian Pacific American Student Organization; Black Student Alliance; Culturas de la Razas Unidas; and North American Indian Student Organization) are also located within the center. Students can request space at the Center to host meetings or programs free of charge.

Learning Resources Center LRC is available to help you with everything from understanding difficult texts and programming your graphing calculator to converting .wmv files for your iPod and making high-impact PowerPoint presentations. The LRC  mission to help you work smart. The LRC can help you create a plan to efficiently maximize your strengths and help you reach your academic goals.

Math Learning Center MLC offers free help for any 1825, 100 level and 200 level Math class. Students in MTH 1825, or any 100 level or 200 level Math course can come to the Learning Center any of the hours listed. Ask questions in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere! In the Learning Center, by working with other students and experienced staff, you will come to better understand the concepts covered in your Mathematics class.

Counseling Center

The MSUCC is "Helping All Students Succeed" by empowering students to deal with life issues. We have licensed professional counselors that can help you deal with stress management, time management, personal relationships, anxiety, depression, personal loss, grief, eating disorder, substance abuse, addiction, career decisions, and much more! We can provide confidential services that will help put balance and wellness back into your life. Begin your walk with wellness today!

Writing Center offers the following services for FREE!! There is no reason why you should struggle with your writing assignments.

Julian Samora Research Institute JSRI

is committed to the generation, transmission, and application of knowledge to serve the needs of Latino communities in the Midwest.

Immigration / DACA Student Resources

MSU Official Undocumented Resource Page: MSU's official website for undocumented student resources. This site includes FAQs, coronavirus resources, and more.

OCAT- Undocumented Resources: OCAT's official undocumented resources for students at MSU, including healthcare, translation services, unemployment insurance, and community organizations to follow.

MSU Law: Immigration ClinicMSU's Immigration Law Clinic which includes FAQs, legal services, and basic laws.

Scholarships for Undocumented Students: Extensive list of scholarships for undocumented students via

Financial Resources

Office of Financial Aide is always available to answer any of your questions regarding your aide. Make sure to stop by anytime you have questions.

Federal Student Aide fill out and renew your Free Application for Federal Student Aide FAFSA and don't forget to renew it annually. Renew it early in January to secure your aide.

Online Scholarship Search This is a database of scholarships managed by University Development. Search by college and major to find funding opportunities.

Free Scholarships on FastWeb for scholarship search to reduce your cost of college.

Associated Students of Michigan State University ASMSU offers short term loan that is very convenient when you need a little extra cash.

Michigan State University Federal Credit Union MSUFCU offers numerous scholarships that will make paying for extracurricular activities a lot easier for you.

Career Resources

Career Services and Placement is your one stop shop for career advice, aptitude test, internships, and help deciding on a major that will fit your interests. Career Services and Placement allows you to search for on campus, off campus, work study, no work study, full or part time jobs. Make sure you utilize this resource if you are looking for a job or need to work while at MSU.

Student Employment is a recommendation that you obtain a job to pay for educational expenses that are not covered by other forms of financial aid.

Lear Center is available for students in the business college or students interested in majoring in the field of Business. Stop by to speak to an advisor about your interest in the field of business.

Internships @ State are available for any MSU student that is interested in attaining work experience.

Bureau of Labor Statistics offers occupational outlook information for every career field. If you want to know how much money you will make with your major you need to visit this site. The sooner you decide what you want to do for a living will give you more time to attain the experiences that will make you competitive for your desired career.

Career Builder is a job search engine that allows you to search for jobs all over the nation. If you are looking for any type of job, this is a great place to begin your search.  

Extracurricular Activities

Study Abroad is an excellent way to take university required courses or your major required courses and best of all it is affordable by everyone. for more info on the study abroad opportunities visit their site.

Undergraduate Research is available for all students interested in the expereince. Research is an excellent way to enhance your undergraduate credentials.

Student Organizations, Clubs, Student Government there is something for everyone here at State! RSOs cover a wide range of topics and interest areas, including but not limited to: academic, business, environmental, international, political, racial/ethnic, religious, women’s interests, and sports and leisure.

Service Learning Center SLR is the place to go if you want to volunteer with different agencies locally or at the university. Service Learning is an excellent way to give back and and make a difference in our community.

International Volunteer Action Corps IVAC is comprised of student leaders who are taking on the challenge of bringing domestic and international students together for fun, meaningful dialogue, and relationship building.


Managing Your Enrollment and Courses

Office of the Registrar can answer all of your questions regarding your student account, billing, lost ID, transcript request, Degree Navigator and Academic Calendar.

Student Accounts is the place to go for all your tuition and payment questions.

Computer Enrollment allows you to search for courses, plan your schedule, and enroll in courses for  Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Transfer MSU is a searchable transfer credit equivalent system that will help you determine if MSU courses are offered at other institutions near home or away so that you may transfer and get credit for them from MSU.

STU-INFO allows you to access your confidential information like student file, grade history, semester schedule, Financial Aide budget, etc.

Academic Calendar is very important because it lists all the important DATES for each semester. It lists University Holidays, last day to drop a course each semester, and other important events.

Angel - Learning Management System is used by professors and instructors to post assignments for their courses. Get familiar with this site because you will be using it throughout your time at MSU.

Spartan Life is a student handbook guide that is produced annually with programs and services for students. Make sure you get yourself a copy.

College Life (tips and resources for living in East Lansing)

Colleges at Michigan State University

 Other Resources