Brown Pride


The date for Brown Pride will be announced soon!






**Please note that freshman CAMP students can sign up to be a volunteer.**

This is a great resume builder as well as a great opportunity!

Brown Pride established a purpose on Michigan State University's campus for Chicano/Latino students to succeed.The purpose provided Chicano/Latinos the opportunity to be recognized through social, service, educational, financial, and administrative organizations and offices. Chicano/Latinos receive the opportunity to network across a widespread community at Brown Pride to understand the importance of other Chicano/Latinos willingly to assist and provide them with the ability to one day be graduates of Michigan State University.

Dominga Martinez - Brown Pride Founder 2003, Sister of Zeta Sigma Chi

2014 Brown Pride Press Release:

The 16th Annual Brown Pride is a Chicanx/Latinx community Resource Fair organized by the Culturas de las Razas Unidas (CRU) that targets the entire MSU campus community. Brown Pride is scheduled for Wednesday, October 11, 2014 at the Kellogg auditorium.


  • Brown Pride encourages diversity by welcoming all GROUPS and MAJORS that are curious in learning about different cultures that share one language or just simply want to be part of an event that celebrates culture and unity.

  • Brown Pride promotes networking by providing a fair to the attendees. The fair will include the presence of student organizations, academic groups, and information about employment and internship opportunities, financial aide and scholarship information, and information on social and cultural events. Offering information about all of these opportunities will allow the individual to become aware of the variety of activities Michigan State University offers and like this become more involved in areas they are interested in.

  • A prominent motivational speaker is invited annually to address the importance of cultural unity and inclusiveness.

  • Brown Pride raises awareness for academic success by having an essay contest that is judged by a panel of Chicanx/Latinx faculty who decide the top three essays written by undergraduate students.

  • Culturally, Brown Pride celebrates the diverse Latinx ethnicities through different types of cultural foods and traditional music and dances.

Along with the purposes that Brown Pride serves, a recognizable importance of Brown Pride is based on having the Latino/a and MSU community unite to celebrate more than just our heritage, but also to celebrate our success as college students and striving to improve our community by helping and lifting MSU students towards cultural unity and graduation.